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Colours of life is a non-profit organisation striving to uplift underprivileged children by helping government schools to transform themselves into institutes of excellence

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Together we must give impetus and direction to education

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Your donations go towards running programs and expenses that directly benefit the children. You Can Help Now

AcademicsProviding support for English, Mathematics and computers.

Extracurricular ActivitiesProviding opportunities in the fields of sports, arts and lifeskills.

Health SupportProviding annual general health checkups.

Volunteer With UsThe best way to help Colours of Life is to volunteer with us.


Together we must give impetus and direction to education.

Though Urban India can boast of many Government run Middle and High Schools, the quality of education leaves a lot to be desired, thus parents aspire to enroll their children in private schools.

It’s time for us to take cognizance of this situation and assist in upgrading the already established government educational systems to meet the aspirations of the enormous under privileged sections of society.

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